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Recorded July 8-12, 2015
in Chicago, IL
There are 40 presentations that were recorded from this Comprehensive
Board  Review Course.

The sessions are available in MP4 Video Format. The recording is the
PowerPoint Presentation Synced to the Audio Recording. Each session has been
captured live.

You may obtain the presentations on a USB Drive or by ordering the Download

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Board Review Course Presentations Include -

Opioids - NSAIDS - Analgesics - Local Anesthetics

Steroids - Cognitive Management - Addiction - Psychotherapy

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Cervical Spine - Thorocolumbar Spine

Neural Ablation - Neuromodulation - Back and Neck Blocks

Central Nerve Blocks - Sympathetic Nerve Blocks

Joint Injections - Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Headache and Facial Pain - Imaging of Pain

Physical Modalities in the Treatment of Pain

Periperative Acute Pain Management

Taxonomy of Pain Systems - Neuropathic Pain

Nociceptive Pain Mechanisms

Animal Models of Pain and Ethics of Research - Pain in the Elderly

Pain in Infants and Children - Substance Abuse

Pain in Inviduals with Limited Communication -

Assessment and Measurement of Pain
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