NRB15 Film & Entertainment Summit
February 23, 2015 Nashville, TN
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RB15101 The Process: Advice From Hollywood About Getting Your Projects
Produced - Phil Cooke, Todd Komarnicki, DeVon Franklin, Michael Van Dyck,
Jonathon Bock - AudioCD $10.00
BUY NOW / MP3 File $8.00 BUY NOW!  /

RB15102 Successfully Distributing and Marketing to the World - Simon Swart-
Audio CD $10.00
BUY NOW! / MP3 File $8.00 BUY NOW! / DVD $16.00 BUY
NOW!/MP4 Video File -  $16.00 Buy Now!

RB15103 Successful Writing and Directing for the Millions - Cyrus Nowrasteh  
- Audio CD $10.00
Buy Now! / MP3 File $8.00 Buy Now! / DVD $16.00 Buy
Now! /MP4 Video File - $16.00  Buy Now!

RB15104 Buriness Panel - Cale Boyter, Christopher C. Chen, Michael Flaherty,
Michael Scott -  Audio CD $10.00
Buy Now! / MP3 File $8.00 Buy Now!

RB15105 How to Succeed in Mass Audience Movies, Television &
Entertainment (Without Losing Your Soul) - Michael Lloyd, Scott Mednick, Scott
Waugh - Audio CD $10.00
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RB15106 How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul) Dr. Ted
Baehr - Audio CD $10.00
Buy Now! / MP3 File $8.00 Buy Now! / DVD $16.00
Buy Now! /MP4 Video File - $16.00 Buy Now!

RB15107 Real Dreams Dinner - Alex and Stephen Kendrick, Senator Jim
DeMint - Audio CD $10.00
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