NRB15 Digital Media Summit
February 25, 2015 Nashville, TN
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RB15200D Full Set of Audio CDs of Recorded Sessions (Price Includes a 10%
Discount) - $64.00
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RB15200U USB Drive Containing MP3 files of All Recorded Sessions at the
2015 NRB Digital Summit (Recordings are in the MP3 Audio Format!) - $59.00
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RB15200AL Download Library containing all recorded sessions from the NRB
Digital Media Summit. Files are in the MP3 Audio Format. After processing your
payment, we will send you a link to the Download Library. - $49.00
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RB15200V Full Set of DVDs (PowerPoint and Audio Synced) of Recorded
Sessions - One DVD per Session - $99.00
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NRB Digital Media Summit Individual Sessions (Audio CD, MP3 Only)

RB15201 Digital Media Summit Opening Session - AudioCD $10.00
/ MP3 File $8.00
BUY NOW!  / DVD (PPT & Audio) $16.00 BUY NOW! /MP4
Video File - $16.00
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RB15202 Proclaiming Jesus in the Digital Realm: Our Journey from Radio
Ministry to Digital Ministry - Lord Robert Edmiston - Audio CD $10.00
NOW! / MP3 File $8.00 BUY NOW! / DVD $16.00 BUY NOW!/MP4 Video File
-  $16.00
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RB15203 Content Strategy & Blogging - Kristina Halvorson  - Audio CD $10.00
Buy Now! / MP3 File $8.00 Buy Now! / DVD $16.00 Buy Now! /MP4 Video File
- $16.00  
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RB15204 Digital Media Luncheon: Christian Media: How Americans Engage
Christian Content, an Exclusive NRB/LifeWay Research Report - Ed Stetzer -  
Audio CD $10.00
Buy Now! / MP3 File $8.00 Buy Now!

RB15205 The Fourth Digital Revolution - Lee Rainie  - Audio CD $10.00 Buy
Now! / MP3 File $8.00 Buy Now! / DVD $16.00 Buy Now!/MP4 Video File -
Buy Now!

RB15206 Christian Media Reach, Connection, and Mobilization: Using Research
to Amplify Your Mission - Ed Stetzer - Audio CD $10.00
Buy Now! / MP3 File
Buy Now! / DVD $16.00 Buy Now! /MP4 Video File - $16.00 Buy Now!

RB15207 Social Media Panel - Eric Metaxas, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Katie Harbath,
Justin Blaney - Audio CD $10.00
Buy Now! / MP3 File $8.00 Buy Now! / DVD
Buy Now! / MP4 Video File - $16.00 Buy Now!

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