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2013 CLCA-ACCL National Conference
October 4-5, 2013 in
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Audio CDs $10 Each! DVDs of Some Sessions (PPT & Audio Synced) $16
(Buy 7 or More CDs and Receive a 20% Discount!)

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Individual Conference Sessions:

CL-X01 Effect of Skin-to-Skin Contact on Postpartum Depression,
Breastfeeding Duration & Infant Responsiveness - Ann E. Bigelow- $10.00

CL-X02 Case Studies in Lactation - Carole Dodbrich - $10.00  BUY NOW!

CLX03 Maternal Obesity and Breastfeeding: Clinical Implications for Practice -
Kim Dart - DVD (PPT and Audio) $16.00 -
BUY NOW! - Audio CD $10.00 BUY

CLX04 Supporting Breastfeeding: Challenges Implementing a Late Term
Protocol - Ginette Aucoin - DVD (PPT & Audio) $16.00
BUY NOW! -   Audio CD

CLX05 Exclusive Breastfeeding in North America: What's the Difference? -
Carole Dodbrich, Jean Claude Mercier - DVD $16.00
BUY NOW! -  Audio CD

CLX06 Understanding Infant Feeding Decisions: A Translational Approach to
Research - Janet Murphy Goodridge - DVD $16.00
BUY NOW!  - Audio CD